TV Campus Staff & Founders

Tay Arrow has been with The Open School of Orange County since its second year, and began the Temecula Valley campus project with Matt Dale in 2019. Tay attended Sudbury Valley School, and later worked there as a staff member from 2007-2010. They hold a BA in English Literature with a focus on the European Renaissance from Northeastern University, an MA in Postmodern Poetics from Prifysgol Cymru Aberystwyth, and are currently pursuing an Executive MBA. They are also a working artist and private art instructor. You can read some of their writing here and view a selection of artwork here. In their spare time they enjoy hiking, bouldering, constructed languages, hand lettering, and 0g lace knitting.


Eric Barajas is a recent addition to The Open School and is working at both the Orange County site and the Riverside County site. He graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Education Studies in 2018. Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, Eric worked as a special education teacher at a public charter high school in South LA. His observations and experiences as both a teacher and a student as well as his readings of authors including John Taylor Gatto, Daniel Greenberg, and Murray Rothbard have led him to be very critical of traditional schooling and teaching methods, which in turn, has caused him to learn about alternative education options. Being a strong proponent of voluntary learning and student agency, Eric set foot in the self-directed learning movement to introduce more students and their parents into alternative education options that may serve to both enrich their lives socially and intellectually.


Matt Dale was one of the original founders of The Open School in 2012 and is now working as a board member for the Temecula Valley campus. He graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Social Science and recently earned his M.A. in Education. A high school teacher and coach since 2003, Matt implements democratic principles in his classroom. Matt is driven to expand the opportunities for young people (including his two daughters) to participate in respectful, healthy, authentic self-directed learning.