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Tuition and Fees

2019-2020 annual tuition

As of September 2018, The Open School employs a Sliding Scale tuition model, in which your tuition will be personalized based on your ability to pay. Please see our Sliding Scale page for more details.

**We accept payments via bank draft, cash, check or major credit card**

Tuition payment plan option

Parents have the option of making 10 monthly payments of 1/10th of total tuition, starting in July and ending in April. The payment plan will be serviced by TADS, and parents will pay a $55 fee per year to set up the payment plan.

Families paying on a monthly plan must pay 2 months’ worth of payments before enrollment can begin.

Discounts and Bonuses

Lump sum discount (entire tuition paid by July 31) – 4% off your annual tuition
Cash Payment Bonus (pay via bank draft, cash, or personal check) – $300 off
Word of Mouth Bonus (you refer a family who enrolls) – $400-$1100
Brad Petersen referral Bonus (refer a real estate buyer or seller to Brad and reference The Open School) – $500 upon close

Fee Schedule for the 2019-2020 school year

Application Fee

Before Feb 15: $75
After Feb 15: $150

Registration Fee – credited toward tuition

Before January 31: $200
February 1 – May 31: $300
After May 31: $400

Other Fees

Annual fee to make monthly payments – $55/year
Sliding Scale Application Fee – $39/year
TADS Tuition Insurance – $19.50/year
Tuition Hardship Abatement Fund (THAF) fee – 3% of tuition/year