The Open School Bill of Rights

Student rights is the foundation of everything we do at The Open School. To this end, we have a Bill of Rights enshrined in our law book, guaranteeing that students have certain rights that can’t be violated by staff or other students.


  1. Personal Autonomy The right to personal autonomy, so long as that autonomy does not harm or endanger the self, others, or the community at large
  2. No Persecution Protection against unreasonable persecution of or by individuals or communities
  3. Pursuit of Activities The right to pursue lawful and sanctioned activities without inviting harassment
  4. Privacy The right to reasonable personal privacy with respect to their body, possessions, activities, positions, & time

Informed Consent and Dissent

  1. One Person, One Vote The right to have regular access to direct “one person, one vote” input in school governance
  2. Collaborative Administration The right to have access to and input in administrative actions such as hiring and budget
  3. Bureaucratic Transparency The right to access accurate and transparent representations of policies and procedures that impact individuals or the community
  4. Dissent The right to voice dissent without incurring retribution
  5. Abstention The right to abstain from participation in activities, except services essential to the community


  1. Complaints The right to lodge formal complaints against others for infringing on the rights of individuals or the community at large
  2. Hearings The right to a fair and impartial hearing of complaints
  3. Closure The right to have complaints and infractions dealt with in an expedient and proportionately responsive manner