Lexie Haft

Lexie Haft lives in Los Angeles, California, and was a student at The Open School from 2022 to 2024. She has returned as an intern and staff member for the virtual and in-person program! During her years in conventional school, she oftentimes questioned the educational system. Her dream has always been to create a school where children are free to discover themselves in an environment that prioritizes their individual needs and desires. With the experience of being a student leader at a self-directed school to now being a staff member, Lexie has been given the incredible opportunity to play a part in the expansion of The Open School. You can read her thoughts about Self-Directed Education here and read more about her experiences as a student here. In her personal life, she loves traveling to New York City and Colorado, riding and spending time with her horses, and reading books on Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and Non-Dualism Spirituality. Besides working at The Open School, Lexie will be pursuing a career as an interior designer and home renovator.