Shauna Heim

Shauna Heim is a lover of learning and is passionate about protecting children’s right to self-determination. As a child, she enjoyed an abundance of free time which she spent playing outside, climbing trees and inventing games with her siblings. Her unconventional education gave her a love for deep discussion and intriguing questions, and enabled her to test out of high school early and enroll in college at the age of 17.

Having seen curiosity and the love of learning snuffed out from many of her traditionally-schooled peers, Shauna embarked on what has evolved into a lifelong study of education and the natural learning process. In practice with her own children, as well as through an ongoing study of psychology, philosophy, and non-traditional education theory, she has grown increasingly committed to the values of exploration, play, and child-led learning. Her passion for educational reform eventually led her to The Open School, where she has delighted in the constant variety, creative chaos, and endless opportunities for growth.

Shauna continues to enjoy spending time in nature, engaging in deep and challenging discussions, and not taking life too seriously. Her curiosity still leads her in new and unexpected directions, and she is always excited to share whatever subject she is currently learning about, whether it’s cognitive neuroscience, freshwater fish tanks, or anything in between.