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  • Free to Learn by Peter Gray. Psychologist and Self-Directed Education advocate Peter Gray synthesizes research on our hunter-gatherer ancestors, children’s play, and Sudbury Valley School to show that children are hard-wired to educate themselves through play and exploration, and that these instincts are still capable of successfully educating children in the 21st century.
  • Free At Last by Daniel Greenberg. A brief narrative snapshot of life at Sudbury Valley School, which is very similar to life at The Open School.
  • Free Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy. A practical guide to not being a helicopter parent, written with humor by “America’s Worst Mom” Lenore Skenazy.
  • The Self-Driven Child by William Stixrud and Ned Johnson. A conservative case for giving kids more control over their lives, supported by the latest brain science and the stories of dozens of real families.
  • How Children Fail and How Children Learn by John Holt. In the first book, teacher John Holt tells the story of how conventional teaching methods are consistently failing to reach his students. In the second book, he recounts dozens of tales of children he has observed successfully learning outside of school and without teachers.