Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown lives in Ontario, Canada and enjoys many hobbies and interests including reading, music, board games, math and logic puzzles, biking, listening to podcasts, education philosophy, self-development, and trying out new creative pursuits and hobbies. She also loves cooking and baking and even considered a career as a cake decorator. Jessica graduated from Brock University in 2019 with a B.A. in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education with K-6 qualifications (later upgraded to include intermediate math qualifications for grades 7-10). After finishing her undergrad degrees, she continued to study education at the Masters level with a strong focus on democratic and self-directed models of education. Her first introduction to this type of education was at a lecture in 2014 which included a brief discussion of Summerhill School. This sparked her interest and was the beginning of her journey to learn as much as she could about democratic self-directed education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she spent a year teaching high school math and providing individual tutoring. This experience cemented Jessica’s desire to work with young people in a way that prioritizes respect, honors their autonomy, and supports them in directing their own lives and education. Jessica never stopped learning about self-directed education on her own and was determined to visit a democratic or Sudbury-style school and find a career in alternative education.

Jessica serves the school in the following roles: virtual program staff, committee and school meeting organization, and school administration.