Hybrid Program

The Open School is offering an experimental hybrid program for the 2021-2022 school year. This is a blend of our in-person and virtual programs, allowing local students to be on campus 1-4 days a week and engage virtually during the off campus days.

This past school year has been a whirlwind of new challenges and adaptations. The school has gone from being 100% virtual to offering optional part-time school on campus. While we anticipate being back to full-time in-person in the fall, we understand that not all families are ready to return to the “old normal,” including new as well as returning families. The hybrid program may be useful to families who are still transitioning.  This option may also be good for students who thrived in the virtual program but also need some in person time, or for families who live further away and would prefer not to commute every day.

Elements of the hybrid program include:

Students attend in person campus from 1-4 days each week and connect virtually on their non-campus days. Tuition is the same regardless of the ratio of in-person to virtual days. The school sets the schedule for which days students attend, in the following way:

1 day on campus – Tuesday
2 days on campus – Tuesday & Wednesday
3 days on campus – Tues-Thurs
4 days on campus – Mon-Thurs

All students in the hybrid program will have a staff adviser who they will meet with once a week, they will host and attend sponsored activities during the week. They will also have daily house check ins each morning of their virtual days.

The minimum number of sponsored activities for students in the hybrid program depends on their number of weekly virtual days:

4 virtual days – 3 sponsored activities/week
3 or 2 virtual days – 2 sponsored activities/week
1 virtual day – 1 sponsored activity/week

Because this is a new program mode, we do not know how it will impact our school community. Therefore, hybrid is only guaranteed until June 2022 and may not be an option for the next school year. We will evaluate the impact on the school after the first year to determine if it will continue.