Hybrid Program

The Open School is offering an experimental hybrid program for the fall of 2021. This will be a blend of our in-person and virtual programs, allowing local students to be on campus 1-4 days a week and engage virtually during the remaining days.

This past school year has been a whirlwind of new challenges and adaptations. The school has gone from being 100% virtual to offering optional part-time school on campus. While we anticipate being back to full-time in-person in the fall, we understand that not all families are ready to return to the “old normal,” including new as well as returning families. The hybrid program may be useful to families who are still transitioning.

Elements of the hybrid program include:

  • Each family may choose how many days per week they will attend in-person.
  • The school will decide which days of the week the student is expected to attend, and the days will be the same each week. This is done to make sure students are present on the same days as other hybrid students.
  • Tuition is the same regardless of the ratio of in-person to virtual days.
  • Hybrid students are expected to meet all virtual attendance requirements each week, including at least one hosted event, their staff adviser meeting, and their “house” meeting.

As The Open School was always a full-time school before the development of our virtual program, at this time we cannot guarantee that the hybrid option will be available past December 2021. Either way, the in-person program and virtual program will continue to be available as full-time programs.