Cristina Sanchez

Cristina Sanchez started her professional career as a hair-artist for 15 years. In 2018, she started her own business where she became a salon owner. She learned many valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, in addition to the administrative needs that come from owning a small business. Throughout the pandemic, Cristina utilized her time to reflect on her career path and made the very evaluated decision to retire from hair, and enroll back into school in the Spring of 2021. Some of her educational goals include pursuing a degree in psychology with an emphasis in cultural and cross-cultural psychology. Cristina has a passion for mental health and education and believes that mental health services are not a “one size fits all” approach, but rather, a service that should be tailored to everyone’s individual needs, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. In addition, Cristina is passionate about advocacy work and serving underrepresented communities. Some of her hobbies include traveling, reading, mindfulness and meditation, discovering new coffee shops, and spending time with her family and fur babies.

Cristina serves the school in the following roles: Business administrator.