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You Can’t Skip Play

by Angela Young, Open School staff
May 25, 2022

From trips to the local Jr. College for Chemistry Class, to studying Norse Mythology with students all over the continent, here at The Open School we can confidently say there’s been plenty of child-driven organized learning. We’ve witnessed a trend where older students, particularly in their teen years, become increasingly interested in class-like study, but […]

What Is Education? If not the conventional curriculum, what do kids really need to know?

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
May 18, 2022

A: “Our school has no teachers, no classes, and no homework.” B: “So, the kids don’t learn anything?” A: “No, they do learn. They get a good education.” B: “How is that possible?” I’m so glad you asked, B! It’s a good question and one that deserves a good answer. It’s not complicated but requires […]

Monthly Happenings April 2022

May 4, 2022

Welcome to the Monthly Happenings! And May the 4th be with you!!! I know this is late, BUT! It’s because I have a super good reason. We had an amazing gala and a week-long camping trip. And man, oh man, it was one heck of a month, to say the least. There is so much […]

Monthly Happenings March 2022

March 31, 2022

Welcome to the Monthly Happenings! This is our March addition. And just like last month, the time flew by. We have so much to tell you, so if you are new to our Open School community, “Welcome!!” If you’ve been with us for a while, “hello again!!” This month we got ANOTHER new staff member!! […]

Monthly Happenings February 2022

February 28, 2022

Welcome to the Monthly Happenings! It was one heck of a month, to say the least. There is so much to fill you in on, so if you are new to our Open School community, Welcome!! If you’ve been with us for a while, Hello again!!   This month we got a new staff member: […]

Constellation Learning How will your child graduate proficient?

by Miré Molnar, Open School staff
July 8, 2021

As a staff member at a self-directed school, I am constantly asked questions like, It’s a tricky question to answer because I know the inquirer is looking for a linear explanation, one that illustrates in a straight line how all students will learn all these subjects. People want my answer to be concise, clean, and […]

Roblox is the New “Playing Pretend”

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
June 29, 2021

If you have a child who has access to a tablet and is up on cultural trends, chances are they like to play Roblox. Next to Minecraft, Roblox is the most popular video game for kids these days. You might be worried that they like it a bit too much; that they should be spending […]

How to Raise Confident and Well-Rounded Children

by Kristin Louis
June 18, 2021

As parents, we all want our kids to grow into happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adults. But parenting is seldom easy. There is so much conflicting parenting advice out there, so how are we supposed to know what’s best for our kids? What steps should we be taking to nurture our children into autonomous adults who […]

Bridging Learning and Friendships

by Eric Barajas, Open School staff
March 22, 2021

For the majority of people, friendships are formed with people who live within their proximity. These are people they meet at school, work, community events, recreational activities, or social gatherings. For friendships to grow and develop, people must be in frequent contact and communication, and doing enjoyable things together facilitates that. With the exponential growth […]

Why You SHOULDN’T Send Your Child Back to School

by Cassi Clausen, Open School staff
March 15, 2021

Like millions of parents in this last year, you may have suddenly been plunged into the role of a homeschooling administrator, without any other choice. You didn’t ask for it, and you didn’t want it. But suddenly you were setting your day around your child’s Zoom calls or becoming an expert on Google classroom. And […]