How to Apply

The Open School enrolls students year-round. Think we might be the right school for your family? Start by following the steps below.

Step 1: Submit an Admissions Inquiry

The first step in applying to The Open School is submitting an Admissions Inquiry by clicking the button below. Once you’ve submitted it, we’ll get in touch with you and send you a school prospectus. While you wait, you can learn more about our school by reading about our in-person program or our virtual program.

Inquire Now

Step 2: Tour

After you’ve received the prospectus, we will get in touch with you to schedule a tour. For our virtual families, the tour will be via video chat.

It’s important that you’ve read the school prospectus before the tour, because The Open School is very different from typical schools, and we want to make sure we’re on the same page to ensure the visit is productive. All parents and/or guardians (even non-custodial) should attend a tour if possible, whether together or in separate visits.

Step 3: Admissions Interview

If you’re still on board after the tour, the next step is to schedule an Admissions Interview. This is an opportunity for the school and family to really get to know each other and determine if it will be a good fit for your family. All parents/guardians and students should attend this meeting.

Step 4: Enroll

After your Admissions Interview, if we both agree to move forward with enrollment, we will invite you to fill out an Enrollment Application and Indexed Tuition application and pay the appropriate fees. Once those are completed, you will attend an Enrollment Meeting and receive registration information. Custodial parents and all students should attend the Enrollment Meeting. At the Enrollment Meeting, you will:

  • Sign the Enrollment Contract
  • Make the initial down payment
  • Make arrangements for remainder of tuition

What happens once you’re enrolled?

Start attending school, of course! We will hold a check-in meeting after two weeks and another after four weeks, for the parents, student, and school to provide feedback and make sure it’s a good fit. If you decide to unenroll during the first 30 days, you can terminate the enrollment contract with no penalty. Usually there are no concerns and the family continues seamlessly into enrollment.

For students in our Virtual Program, an orientation meeting will follow the Enrollment Meeting, at which the student will receive training on the program and technology. They will start attending school after orientation. Their first week of school will include additional smaller orientations as well as meet-and-greet events.