Monthly Happenings April 2022

Welcome to the Monthly Happenings!

And May the 4th be with you!!!

I know this is late, BUT! It’s because I have a super good reason. We had an amazing gala and a week-long camping trip. And man, oh man, it was one heck of a month, to say the least. There is so much to fill you in on, so if you are new to our Open School community, Welcome!! If you’ve been with us for a while, hello again!!

This month

Because of your generous support, we had a successful fundraiser on Saturday. Between the donations, the auction, the opportunity drawing, and sponsorships, we grossed over $15,986, which is a record since we moved online!

A big congratulations to our drawing and game winners:

The door prize winner of $100 Target card – Shelby Hogan

The 50/50 opportunity drawing winner of $172.50 – Eve Ortega

The $50 Amazon card opportunity drawing winner – Cassi Clausen (we swear, it wasn’t rigged)

The winner of $25 Visa card for best Star Wars meme (seen here) – Sidon Jensen-Peacock

The winning trivia team – Dagobah System

We got pretty close to achieving our goals. In fact, you can still help us reach them!

Goal of 100% attendees donating, bidding or buying – we achieved 92%!

Goal of 10 new monthly pledges – we achieved 4 new pledges! (Help us get closer to our goal by going to this link and changing the donation frequency to monthly. Even $5/month would get us closer.)

Goal of $4500 raised during raise-a-paddle – we achieved $4490! (Want to be the one to push us over? Click here)

Goal of 100% participation from parents and board members – we achieved 82%! (You can still help get us closer to 100%. If you haven’t donated or didn’t attend on Saturday – it’s not too late. Donate here)

With all of our thanks and may the force be with you.

Past Events

A few field trips took place this month one to Ikea and one to Northern California for a camping trip! We all had so much fun playing around and communing in nature. And I have the pictures to prove it! Check our social Facebook and Instagram. And of course, we always need to say happy birthday:

Birthday shout outs

Cayden on April 4th

Emory on April 4th

Amya on April 6th

Debilio on April 29th

Cassius on April 30th

Odin on April 30th


And just as a reminder,

The Under 5 Program is BACK! And there is still time to sign up!

The program is an opportunity for parents of preschool-aged children to get an inside look at our unique, student-centered school. Here’s how it works:

  • Spend the morning (10am to 12pm on Tuesdays) on campus with your little one while they are entertained and supervised by one of our enrolled students
  • Chat with a staff member, get to know the community and the model more deeply
  • Snacks and beverages for parents and children are provided

Sessions are 4 weeks in length and cost $75/session

Session 1 – April 5-26
Session 2 – May 3-31 (except May 10)

*Note: this is a local program only and not available virtually at this time.

Click here to register for the program.

Upcoming Events

We are coming up to our final month of the school year. So we’re planning some fun end-of-the-year activities! Keep your eyes on your email for any and all invites.

If you are new to The Open School

and self-directed learning, we have some great blog posts that you can check out that help to explain what we do and what we believe in.

Start here:

  1. What if Everyone in the World was Happy?
  2. Liberty or Lord of the Flies?
  3. You Can’t do Sudbury at Home

If you’ve been around for a little while

and know a little bit about self-directed school and unlearning, and you want to see if maybe we are a good fit for your family, click here and let’s connect.

Also, check out of FAQs page to see if your questions have already been answered!!

And if you’re an old soul to the community

and/or you want to know how you can help to keep the school afloat, please don’t hesitate to donate here!

Phew! I told you there was a lot to catch up on. And we cannot wait for next month to see all of the awesome things that will happen, all the things that get created, and all of the news that we can share with you!

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