Field Trip Memories

One time we went to the movies and we saw a movie about a baby that finds its family. It was fun to go with people from school because it’s different to go with them than with my family, although going with my family is also fun. I think it’s cool that you can make your own field trip. It’s more exciting when you get to pick where you go. If I could pick any field trip right now, I would go to Disneyland. If I said that at the next School Meeting, it might happen. I think that the kids could think of ways to make it happen, like a fundraiser. That wouldn’t happen at a different school.

— Silvia, 8

We went to the reptile zoo, and there were a bunch of animals. I was really scared to hold this one snake. Cassi really wanted a snake, and she held a bunch of them. When we were leaving, Cassi said she wanted to get a snake for a school pet. She looked up how to feed them, and we formed a reptile corporation for future pets that we might have. It was fun and surprising to see that I wasn’t afraid of snakes at that time even though I usually am. I would now be open to having a pet snake at school. Most people think they’re really scary, but they can be calm. I think if we had a pet snake, everyone could learn more about snakes. But I definitely wouldn’t be the one to feed it.

— Ama, 9

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