Student Spotlight: Taeho

Today I’m interviewing one of our students, Taeho Lee. He’s 10 years old and he’s the Open School’s newest student. He is bilingual, and speaks English and Korean fluently. I admire Taeho because he’s a very determined person with a high degree of focus on his personal interests, and because he’s very independent. He has tics, which are an involuntary action that can be a vocalization or a physical motion.

Tay: Why did you decide to come to school at The Open School?

Taeho: I didn’t want to go to traditional school because of my tics.

Tay: Do you feel like this is a better place for you?

Taeho: Yes, because there’s not a rigid schedule.

Tay: You’d rather be in charge of your own time?

Taeho: Yes.

Tay: Do you like complicated systems a lot? I know you like computers, Magic: The Gathering (a card game), and Civics Board.

Taeho: Yes. I just do.

Tay: When we went to Snowdrift, what was your favorite part?

Taeho: Sledding down the hill.

Tay: What’s your favorite deck color to play in Magic?

Taeho: Black and blue. That’s the best.

Tay: Why?

Taeho: They’re good combined. Blue is about trickery and manipulation, black is about power. The worst is white and red. My brother plays white and red and he loses every time.

Tay: Do you like music?

Taeho: Depends. I like rock and jazz. I don’t like classical.

Tay: In traditional school, what was your favorite subject?

Taeho: Science. Any science. Physics. Astrophysics.

Tay: Do you know how to cook?

Taeho: No. Just instant noodle soup.

Tay: Are you going on the Joshua Tree camping trip?

Taeho: I’ll think about it.

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