A Tail of Polarities

This week has been incredible in so many ways. Ben and I have had hours of discussion and debriefing, and one of our observations (brought to light by the Tao of Leadership) is the ebb and flow of polarities at The Open School. Noise and quiet; movement and stillness; conflict and harmony. But the one that resonates with me as I reflect on this week is chaos and order. Let me note that “chaos” is not a negative word. It’s life, it’s vibrancy, and it’s certainly part of childhood. And what’s been so cool this week is to watch the kids create their own order, using democracy and community circles as a framework.

Just to give you a snapshot, this week we:

  • Held two School Meetings where we created and amended rules about the trampoline, cleanliness, and throwing food
  • Created two committees: World Schooling and Certification
  • Elected a new School Meeting Clerk and Attendance Clerk
  • Planned our outings up through the end of this coming week
  • Created three different certification processes
  • Held Community Circle every day and a Peace Circle once mid-day to resolve an on-going conflict

We do have a lot to do still, but I’m astounded at what has already happened in the 4 short days of school. Ben and I are learning so much, and enjoying being students of this process. Thank you for being a part.

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