Huntington Beach

Today we took the World Schooling van to Wraps1 to get it measured for our branded wrap. The kids are very excited to get our van personalized, and were curious about how the process works. I imagined a large shrink wrapping machine that went through a giant hair dryer. Of course. It was a little simpler than that: vinyl applied like a large sticker and then a blowtorch used to heat it and activate the stickiness.

Afterward we went to the HB library, which has a two story water feature in the middle and a really interactive Childrens area. Of course, we made a tactical error of going to a library without having a plan of how to check out and return books. We had some disappointments to live through as some kids had their hearts set on getting a book. I learned my lesson on that one.

That afternoon was our second ever school meeting. The trampoline rule was further amended, a rule about throwing food was created and the certification committee was charged with creating certification for going off campus.


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