Automatic conversations

Today was our first day at The Open School, and it was a whirlwind.

We spent time at the park, I went to the DMV (and passed my commercial driving test, thank you very much), we had our first community circle, our first school meeting, our first rules, and our first committee meeting (the certification committee).

Most of those things, I was expecting. What I didn’t expect was that the van would serve as an automatic spot for the kids to bond and teach each other. In the two van rides today, there were conversations about foreign languages (they taught each other words in French and Russian), geography (talking about different cities and states), science (discussing why Pluto is a dwarf planet and no longer classified as a “planet”) and math (quizzing each other on mental math problems).

At no time did I speak during these conversations. I never suggested a topic or asked a math question. Kids inherently want to share what they know and find out what others know. Those conversations spark questions which lead to more, and more authentic, learning.


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