A Place for Love

This is a little blurb I wrote about The Open School for my local MOMS Club. Just wanted to share! Cassi

As a mom, I know that a main anxiety about school is that our kids are not known. They are lost in the shuffle, and teachers and administrators make assumptions about them based on a few behaviors. My son Wesley doesn’t reply to questions quickly because he’s thinking, for a loooong time, but other adults think he’s ignoring them.  In most schools, kids are seen only on the surface, and they are jostled about all day, told to do what someone else thinks is good for them. Our kids have only one childhood, and I wanted to create a school that would celebrate the freedom of childhood, instead of trying to lock it down.

The Open School is Orange County’s first democratic free school, and it will be a place where kids are known and loved. Just as they are. This is a school like no other, and will be more like a community than a school. We care about a child’s whole development, and respect their abilities to make decisions for themselves. In the future, I’d like to share more with our club about how this educational model works, and why it is successful, even if it’s completely different from what we think school is supposed to be.

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