A K-12 democratic school where dignity and respect are gifted to each child

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Small, safe environment

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Social and emotional growth

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Benefits of Enrolling in The Open School

Each child is treated with dignity, as humans with their own goals, needs, and paths.

Our students learn that their voice, their thoughts, and their interests are valued and valuable. This builds their self-confidence and independence.

Our small community means that your child is in a physically & emotionally safe & caring environment absent of traditional safety issues like bullying.

We support your child’s ability to make their own choices, learn from those choices, and grow socially and emotionally.

Our mixed age environment helps your child to grow in compassion and leadership, preparing them for the real world.


max on-site enrollment for 2023-24

school decisions made with student input

teenagers trained as peer mediators

democratic meetings per year, all students & staff
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What Our Parents Say

“At The Open School our daughter has finally found a place where she is embraced and accepted for her true authentic self.”

“The Open School provided a safe place for my son to grow, and we saw him re-emerge socially and emotionally.”

“Our nightly arguments about homework became interesting conversations about science or the news.”

“I watched the chip melt off my child’s shoulder, and exploration and passion re-emerge.”

“All the things he used to get in trouble for at his old school are now things his new school encourages him to explore.”

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Virtual Open House » Join us on August 8 to learn more
about our innovative virtual program!

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