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Cassi Clausen was the original founder of The Open School, and began the journey in February 2012. She has a Bachelors from Westmont College, a Masters of Education from UM St Louis, and a Masters of Arts from University of London, Goldsmith’s College. She has dedicated her life to giving a voice to kids, and advocating for respectful parenting and education. Cassi has three kids, two of whom currently attend The Open School, with the third acting as its mascot. She enjoys nice restaurants, junky television shows, and traveling with and without her kids. Read more about Cassi in this article.

Ben Page is a co-founder and holds a B.A. in religious studies from Carleton College and an M.A. in human development and social change from Pacific Oaks College. In addition to his work at The Open School, Ben is a certified Forest Therapy guide and a Carrier in the Way of Council, a restorative circle practice. Read more about Ben in this interview.

Tay Parker is a writer, mountaineer, sudbury-model advocate, and single parent. She graduated from the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, MA in 1996 and went on to study literature at Northeastern University and Prifysgol Cymru Aberystwyth, attaining a BA and an MA with distinction. She works primarily in writing and education, and spent 3 years as a staff at Sudbury Valley School from 2007-2010. Her personal goals include completing a summer summit of Mount Denali by 2020. Read more about Tay in this interview.

Aaron Browder is a programmer, writer, and chronic dabbler in creative pursuits. He attained a BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Oklahoma, then spent five years developing software before coming to The Open School. He recently completed the fourth draft of a children’s fantasy novel, which he hopes to publish someday. He enjoys riding his bike, playing Magic: the Gathering, and reading nonfiction books on science, philosophy, and education. Read more about Aaron in this article.