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Staff Spotlight: Tay Parker

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff member
February 17, 2017

Today I’m interviewing Open School staff member Tay Parker. Tay grew up in the Boston area and graduated from Sudbury Valley School, the school that originally developed the model on which The Open School is based. Tay has also spent 3 years working at Sudbury Valley School as a staff, and her experiences there have […]

Problem Solving

by Cassi Clausen, staff member and co-founder of The Open School
February 14, 2017

It was Monday morning, and thus time for our weekly staff meeting. I and the other two staff members present took our seats in the courtyard — far enough away from the hustle and bustle of school that we wouldn’t be overheard or disrupted, but close enough that we could keep a pulse on the […]

Strange and Wonderful

by Scott Swan, Open School parent
February 10, 2017

For my twelve year old son, Colin, this year’s holiday break had come and gone. As it was Sunday night, I asked him how he felt about returning to school tomorrow. His reaction was what many would consider typical: “This sucks.” I didn’t react. Then he really got my attention: “Actually dad, I’m happy to […]

The C-Words

by Tay Parker, Open School staff member
February 7, 2017

No, not that one. The other one. And the other one. And the other one. And the other one. If you’ve ever had a chance to read through a school meeting agenda or the Open School lawbook, you may have noticed a section devoted to “Clerks, Committees, Corporations, and Chairs.” These inscrutable sections refer to […]

Magic at School

by staff member Aaron Browder
February 3, 2017

It all started when Chad and I decided to play Magic at school. I’m talking about Magic: the Gathering, the ridiculously popular fantasy strategy card game. I’ve played the game since I was a kid, so when I became a staff at The Open School a few weeks ago, I was delighted to find a […]

Climbing and Self-Discipline

by Cassi Clausen, staff member and co-founder of The Open School
January 31, 2017

A common objection to a school like ours involves the development of self-discipline. “How will they learn to stick to something hard, if they are able to choose what they want and quit at any time?” “There are a lot of things in my life that I have to do that I don’t want to […]

Matters of Justice

by Open School staff member Tay Parker, who graduated from Sudbury Valley School
January 5, 2017

This year I thought I’d do something really wholesome for Christmas so I went to the garden store and bought a relatively inexpensive potted pine tree to use as our Christmas tree, thinking I would plant it in the garden after the holiday. It was a type of pine I wasn’t familiar with, but I […]

Life is hard, so is The Open School

by staff member Ben Page
October 25, 2016

Your child’s education at The Open School is a long game. It is not a panacea. There will be challenges. Boredom, frustration, and conflict will arise. This is good; this is actually what we want. Even though it might seem counter-intuitive at first, embracing these aspects of life is what makes children grow up into mature, self-directed, […]

Summer Campout 2016

August 16, 2016

Our school is still quite new, but one of the traditions we are starting is a summer camping trip with as many students and staff as possible. This time together creates bonds and community in a unique way. This summer wevisited Carpinteria State Beach, and enjoyed the time spent in nature, on the beach, and […]

How I got here

August 6, 2016

The below article was written by Mark Keogh and originally posted on Wicklow Sudbury School blog. It is posted here with their permission.  I am a father of two boys. I have been happy enough that my kids have been happy enough going through a pleasant primary school. The two boys haven’t had a lot of […]