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Through Students’ Eyes

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
November 11, 2017

It’s been such a fun, active week here at The Open School, I wanted to share some of our experiences with you. Then, when I started writing them down, I realized that I’m looking at things through an adult’s eyes, based on my own values and biases. But this school is really all about students’ […]

What freedom means

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
October 28, 2017

Freedom means you can learn in your own way. Freedom means there’s no wrong way to play. Freedom means no bells or assignments to interrupt your focus. Freedom means you can draw on the walls. Freedom means the world is your classroom. Freedom means you can be friends with people who aren’t your age. Freedom […]

You might not need that college fund after all When higher education transforms, the price of a degree will plummet

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
October 23, 2017

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we, as parents, didn’t have to set aside tens of thousands of dollars for the future for our children’s education? Wouldn’t it be nice if a decade from now, kids in America could get a college education for cheap — or free? No, I’m not waiting for the federal government […]

Your choice of education could save your child’s life

by Ben Page, Open School co-founder
October 18, 2017

First, let me figuratively shake you by the shoulders with a few statistics: According to the CDC, the rate of youth suicide in girls doubled between 2007 and 2015 and the youth suicide rate for boys climbed by 30%. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around 30% of girls and 20% of boys […]

It’s hard to cultivate independence Getting independent, capable kids requires a more hands-off approach

by Cassi Clausen & Aaron Browder, Open School staff
October 6, 2017

Cassi: This summer I took a “parent and me” swimming class with my three-year-old. At that age, the goal of the class isn’t actually swimming — it’s surviving. He’s working on skills like back floating, crawling along the wall, and climbing out of the water. The hope is that if my three-year-old were to fall […]

Student Spotlight: Willow

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
October 2, 2017

Today I’m interviewing Willow. She’s eight years old and has been a student at The Open School for more than two years. If you were elected Queen of the World, what’s the first thing you would do? I would buy a huge tub of chocolate for my mom. Filled with chunks of brownie. What season […]

Can we please stop obsessing about learning? Learning is as natural as breathing, so why are we so preoccupied with it?

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
September 26, 2017

A song has just come on the radio — Starlight by Muse. I’m singing along and as it turns out, I know all the words. How did I learn them? I have no idea. I was never taught these words by a teacher. I was never drilled on them, never had to recite them over and […]

Be the coach, not the referee

by Cassi Clausen, Open School staff and co-founder
September 21, 2017

I’ve heard a lot of parenting metaphors over the years. One of my favorites is to think of your child as an alien from another planet. They know nothing of our culture, our language, our rules, or our expectations. So we must show them, with patience, how to live and thrive on this planet. It’s actually […]

When kids are responsible for their own discipline

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
September 17, 2017

If you ever got in trouble when you were a kid, you probably remember those trips to the principal’s office — the adults hovering over you, the questioning (“Do you understand why it was wrong?”), the explaining (“That’s not how we treat our friends”), the advice (“How would you feel if that happened to you?”). […]

Free play is the best P.E.

by Aaron Browder, Open School staff
September 13, 2017

When was the last time you got on the swing next to your child and tried to keep up with him or her? Now that we’re back at school for the fall, I got my first chance in a while to do this, and boy it’s not easy! Behind the innocent-looking pendulum motion of the […]